Gary Mac Voice Over Training

Gary Mac Voice Over Training

Gary Mac Productions is a small digital recording facility in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in voice-over recording and production for a wide variety of audio applications.

For 20 years Gary created, owned and operated the Melbourne Radio School, successfully placing hundreds of graduates into voice-overs and radio positions throughout Australia and overseas.

We continue to provide quality training for those who are keen to get into voice overs.






Working with and giving direction to Liz Tymoszuk in the voice over training space

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The Voice Over Person

Former Trainees and their Voice Over Demos
produced by Gary Mac

Trained voice-over artists or voice-actors are employed on a free lance basis by advertising agencies, radio and TV stations, audio and video production facilities, to do commercials, product promotions, documentaries, instructional videos and DVD’s, telephone on-hold messages, CD Rom and corporate narrations, animation character voices and much more.

The rewards for using your voice in audio productions can be very satisfying and  lucrative. Yes, competition is high, however there is definitely room for new voices and production companies are always looking for the next fresh voice.

Voice Over Training

Voice over training will immediately enhance and build your natural ability; develop studio confidence, microphone technique, how to interpret a script, vocal techniques and more.

We cater for all levels of ability, so if you are new to the world of voice-overs and recording studios – don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand if needed. Just bring your voice. Everything is done at your pace.

Remember versatility, a sense of humour and the ability to take direction and respond accordingly, are the most important requirements. Should you decide to take up the training you will receive a folder containing a very broad range of typical voice over material. This will enable you to find your ‘strengths’ and ‘build’ on them. You will also be given a copy of each studio training session on memory stick or CD to track your progress. The audio files will include my advice, comments and tips and will be helpful as a reference when you practice at home.

You will also receive a lot of practical information: where to seek out voice over work; what not to do and what you must do in order to promote or market yourself…. you will learn ‘how to get your foot in the door’.

My proven ‘one-on-one’ voice over training is conducted in our voice-over studio as 4 x 2 hour sessions at times to suit your work and personal commitments.

The Voice Over Demo

Recording a demo is essential to getting work. It is a showcase of your ability and talent.
Demo playing time is around 2 – 3 minutes in duration.
Your master demo is digitally recorded and produced to professional standards and supplied on compact disc or memory stick. mp3 files of your demo and the sum of it’s parts are also delivered to you for quick and easy distribution via email. To get yourself going in voice-overs, you will need a ‘voice-over demo’ and some ‘voice-over training’. That’s where we can help you.

Recording The Demo

On the day we record your “voice-tracks”, we allow about 1½ hours in the voice-over studio to enable you to ‘get the best out of your ability’ with a variety of scripted material. Each script may be recorded several times to find the ‘take’ that best demonstrates your overall style and ability. These are called “cold voice tracks”. Material from your training sessions may also be included.

The Production

As with any audio post production, careful consideration is given to  ‘the sweetening processes’ i.e. the addition of appropriate music or sound effects or atmosphere etc., so as to enhance and compliment each voice track.

I have produced hundreds demos over the years that have enabled people to get their start in voice-overs. If you would like to know more about becoming a voice-over person, please fill in the request info form and I’ll email you information regarding voice coaching, that can bring you up to a professional standard within a short time. The info also contains details about the production of an industry standard voice-over demo.

Ready to get started? Simply fill in the request information form above and I’ll send you the details.


Hey Gary,

Just writing to let you know I snagged a national radio ad and wanted to thank you again for the coaching and the demo. Couldn’t have got it without your help.
Cheers, Anthony Borelli

Mitchell DyeI really enjoyed working with Gary- I was able to learn a great deal in a very short space of time.
Gary’s comprehensive understanding of the industry has been very beneficial, and the quality of the voice over demo is a real testament to this.
Thank you, Mitchell Dye

Hi Gary
It was so good working with you.  You made me feel so comfortable right from the outset and gave me the confidence to go outside my comfort zone.
I benefited enormously from the experience. I have had a chance to go through the CD’s that we did each session.  It brought back the important process of what we were trying to achieve with each read.  It really is an invaluable tool – thank you!
I am following up on contacts I have made previously here in Perth and have taken heed to your advice to approach radio stations and production studios.
Thank you again for the one on one training, and for your positive feedback.
Best regards,
Claire Taylor


Gary was the magician I was looking for to help improve the use of my voice in my professional media role. He gave me very practical and tailored advice which has helped boost my confidence in front of the mic.
Thanks Gary!
Chris Ashmore. BE Business Essentials

Many thanks for the news presentation voice coaching lessons. They have been fantastic and beneficial in improving the quality of my voice for broadcast.
A vast improvement in depth, pitch and timing!
Thank you Gary for your continued support.
Simon Love, Channel 7 Brisbane
(Formerly 3AW Melbourne, Foxtel Sky News)

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